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Our organization, COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO, is a non-profit making organization serving the interests of its members, and those of the friends and stakeholders of COMETSA Development Agencies, and Commercial Enterprises.


Our vision is to provide development and social life opportunities for the members, friends and supporters by organizing networking functions, events, special offers, and development programmes.


By organizing networking functions, events, special offers, and development programmes for the members.

Main Objective:

Mobilizing people support and ensuring that the members experience quality of life by belonging to the organization.


  • Diversity:  We value our Diversity. We are made of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnic groups, religion, gender and beliefs.

  • Harmony:  We create the environment that is harmonious for our members, staff, management, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

  • Cultural Understanding:  Our culture and traditional beliefs and practices form the corner stone of our being.

  • Professionalism: Everything we do, we do with absolute professionalism.

  • Creativity and Innovation:  We encourage creativity and innovation at all times.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness:  We do not perform tasks just to meet the deadlines, but to be economical and effective at all times.